...So think "resistance" with all your aching heart, a word that must become our promise to what is left of this planet. Gather the others: you already know them. The brave, smart, militant, and, most of all, serious, and together take aim. Do it carefully, but do it.

Then fire for all you're worth.

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"Gender is the chain and patriarchy is the ball cuffed to the ankle of every female child born into this world, a world where every mainstream institution and structure of power is set up to preserve male dominance."
-Rachel Ivey
DGR Eugene
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The Unis'tot'en Camp is a land-based, indigenous-led resistance community, strategically blocking construction of pipelines critical for extraction of tar sands and shale gas.
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“If we allowed ourselves to think in a way that really was thinking and to feel in a way that really was feeling, we would suddenly understand what we need to do in order to stop the horrors ― and we would start to do it.” ―Derrick Jensen

Sun, Sep 25 2016
Navajo Communities Still Struggle After Mining Disaster

Featured image: The San Juan River still turns a muddy orange after a heavy rain, as sediments from the Gold King Mine spill are stirred up from the bottom.  Suzette Brewer      by Suzette Brewer / Indian Country Today Media Network SHIPROCK, New [...]

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Fri, Sep 23 2016
Reclaiming Stolen Lands

Documentary film spotlights Nasa struggle to regain what was wrongfully taken      by Intercontinental Cry Tired of waiting for lands promised by the Colombian government, in 2015, the Indigenous Nasa Peoples from southern Colombia decide to take [...]

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Wed, Sep 21 2016
Indigenous Wixarika Community Gears Up To Take Back Their Land From Mexican Ranchers

Featured image: The Wixárika community of San Sebastian Teponahuaxtlán or Wuaut+a is preparing to send 1,000 members to the remote Nayarit community of Huajimic to take back from the ranchers lands that the courts have ruled belong to the Wixárika. [...]

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Tue, Sep 20 2016
DGR UK Autumn 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends, In March we facilitated a workshop at Grow Heathrow. It was a lively and interesting debate focused on Civilisation. We talked about why DGR believes the murder of the biosphere is caused by civilisation. Although not all the participants [...]

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Sun, Sep 18 2016
Paraguay: Government defies order to protect uncontacted tribe

Featured image: Members of the Paraguayan Ayoreo-Totobiegosode group on the day they were contacted for the first time, in 2004. © GAT/Survival      by Survival International The Paraguayan government has failed to act to protect a group of [...]

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Thu, Sep 15 2016
Unarmed Water Protectors Face Riot Police

by Red Warrior Camp Mandan, ND… Water protectors stopped construction at two Dakota Access Pipeline sites on September 13, northwest of Mandan through nonviolent direct action. At approximately 10:30 a.m. CST, two water protectors “locked down” to [...]

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Mon, Sep 12 2016
The Multiple Abuses of Reina Maraz

Quechua Bolivian woman unfairly sentenced to life in Argentina      by Sian Cowman / Intercontinental Cry   Reina Maraz Bejarano was the last person in the courtroom to understand that she had just been sentenced to life imprisonment for [...]

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Sun, Sep 11 2016
Meghan Murphy: Are we women or are we menstruators?

     by Meghan Murphy / Feminist Current Planned Parenthood, as you may know, is the largest single provider of reproductive health services in the United States. The non-profit defines itself as “leading the reproductive health and rights [...]

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Fri, Sep 09 2016
Weeks Before Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Intensified, Big Oil Pushed for Expedited Permitting

Featured image by Tony Webster / Flickr      by Steve Horn / Desmog In the two months leading up to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ decision to issue to the Dakota Access pipeline project an allotment of Nationwide 12 permits (NWP) — a [...]

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Mon, Sep 05 2016
Panamanian Police Assault Indigenous Dam Protesters

Featured Image: Police clashes. Credit: Frenadeso By Richard Arghiris / Intercontinental Cry Panama’s national police left approximately 20 indigenous Ngäbe protesters injured last week in what one medic described as an “absurd and irresponsible [...]

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